TFB Classes

Bellecamp: This 50-min high intensity interval training class has you completing resistance and cardiovascular exercises. Moves are completed in counted repetitions and sets OR through use of timed intervals and/or Tabata timer. This class uses basic equipment to demonstrate how to get a workout done simply and without machines. After a long day, you are able to train without thinking too hard. You show up and complete the moves at your own pace without the worry of looking uncoordinated or out of sync with fellow class members. This dynamic class is described as being..."EASY to follow, but HARD to do!" Walk ins accepted!

Inside/Out & TBC: Linda Gendell teaches these two classes exclusively at The Fitness Belle! This Master Instructor brings a class unlike any other to our studio! Inside/Out is a dynamic and motivating workout utilizing weights and resitance bands to achieve a sleek and lean body. Total Body Conditioning is a specialty class where you will use a step as your own personal bench to perform a variety of strength training moves for both upper and lower body! Your abs are sure to be screaming after one of Linda's classes too! Check both of these terrific classes and you won't be disappointed! (1 hour classes/ walk ins accepted)

BOSU® Blast: Bosu stability training really is great for all levels and quite possibly the most effective route to improving core stabilization and neutral spinal posture, both of which are the building blocks for moving better in athletics and in everyday life. This 50-min walk in class improves stability, balance, endurance, and most importantly core strength!  The fun and challenging routine not only has you standing on the bosu while performing classic strength training moves with either free weights or a medicine ball, but it will also have you using the bosu as your resistance to get the heart rate up and to give you long lasting results! This class has a 15 person MAX so we strongly suggest to sign-up ahead of time to guarantee your spot! Walk-ins are accepted IF spots are open. 

Butt & Gutt: Butt & Gutt is a 60-min class targeting the lower body muscles and abdominals and focuses on strengthening them through various resistance exercises. This class is sure to leave your lower half feeling good and sore after! This class has a 15 person MAX so we strongly suggest to sign-up ahead of time to guarantee your spot! Walk-ins are accepted IF spots are open. 

TRX Bootcamp: Suspension Training body weight exercises develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a performance training tool that leverages gravity and uses body weight as resistance. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that has you using your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise and will be guided by a Certified TRX Instructor. *PLEASE SIGN UP IN ADVANCE TO GUARANTEE A SPOT--10 PEOPLE MAX! Walk ins accepted IF spots are open. 

Upper-Body SCULPT:  This walk in 60 min class gives you the best exercises needed in order to sculpt the upper body! Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Back, and Chest are the main upper body areas that must be targeted if you're looking to acquire a tone lean physique! Prepare to work hard and see results! 

50/50:  Join this 60 min class to get the best exercises needed in order to sculpt the UPPER AND LOWER BODY!! Your time is spend half on legs/butt & the other half arms/chest/back. The ultimate strength training class if you're looking to lean out and tone your limbs. Weights/resistance bands and steps are used for this class! 

HIIT BOOTCAMP: This class takes place downstairs and provides a total body workout. Stations are set up by the instructor and rotations from station to station take place allowing you to work all muscle groups! Timed intervals are set up and rest periods are given between! Bring water and a towel and prepare to work hard! 






3-5 people max

Circuit training in a small group is a great way to achieve a total body workout and have a semi-personal and motivating group dynamic all at the same time! This well structured 50-min training session takes place in the downstairs personal training quarters and gives you access to variety of exercises using equipment such as the battle ropes, the TRX suspension trainers, the kick bag/boxing gloves, the pull up bars, sand bags, ballast/bosu/medicine balls, disc gliders, in addition to some other unique pieces of equipment not found in the other classes. A complete circuit is set up with stations that focus on working specific muscle groups and that also aims to improve cardiovascular endurance. 

The trainer demonstrates various station exercises, then each lady is assigned to a station. The small group allows the instructor to give more individualized attention to each lady in attendance. This service is especially great for beginners.   

Each station will be done for a specific amount of time and then a rotation will take place. 

This service is a great way to get access to personal training equipment and more individualized attention without paying the price of 1-on-1 training. Signing up in advance is required for all SGT sessions!

Personal Training

1-2 people

Personal Training is the most individualized and customized form of guided exercise one can receive at TFB. Prior to your first training session a FREE Fitness Assessment/Consultation will be conducted. At this meeting, information will be gathered to develop an appropriate and challenging program that caters to your individual needs. Fitness goals will be discussed and set. In addition, health history will also be reviewed and notes will be taken by trainer to ensure a safe and challenging workout. Figures and physiological data pertaining to training will be determined, explained, and documented in order to monitor progress (Target Heart Rate, Body Fat%, etc). This information will be tracked throughout the program. Weekly weigh in and measurements will also be recorded, especially for those with weight loss objectives. Personal training includes warm-up, workout, cool down! Optional: Food Journal Review & Heart Rate Monitor tracking! You are guaranteed to have same trainer for every session and the entire space privately for your training needs. You can inquire about 30 min sessions at consultation!        

   Contact to set up your FREE consultation! 

   2019 Pricing

  TFB Classes: (WALK INS WELCOME TO MOST, BUT SIGN UP NEEDED FOR TRX, BOSU & BUTT&GUT)                                                                                                                                  

  $18.00 for Single Session 

  $150.00 for 10 Sessions (10% off till Jan 31, 2019!) *6 month expiration date

  $260.00 for 20 Sessions (10% off till Jan 31, 2019!) *6 month expiration date


  $125.00 Month-to-Month UNLIMITED (Auto-renews same day each month, cancel with 30 days notice & freezing is available) 


 PERSONAL TRAINING 1-on-1: (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)                                                              

 $80 for Single Session                             

 $750 for 10 Sessions

 $1400 for 20 Sessions



Terms & Conditions:  Prices above do not include applicable tax. All sales are final. Classes are non-refundable & non-transferable.  All packages must be paid in full prior to participation in any service offered at TFB. Class schedule and instructors are subject to change. Activation dates go into effect day of purchase unless otherwise post-dated. Personal training expiration dates depend on the weekly frequency of sessions and gets determined at consultation. Specials may be available for a limited time only. If you sign up for a pre-registry required service and need to cancel, then you must do so 4 hours before the class start time, if not you'll lose the credit and forfeit your spot. If you are enrolled in an unlimited monthly contract, you will lose a day from your month for not signing out within cancellation window. Freezes are allowed with medical documentation to extend Month to Month Memberships. Vacation freezes for travel periods greater than 2 weeks are permitted for Month to Month Memberships. Any medical or vacation freeze while enrolled in a Month to Month Membership, must be requested via email to

 (Freezing is not allowed for the 6-Month Unlimited Classes Membership Special)

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